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Spot toy by New Deal Design encourages kids to be “in-the-moment”

Gadi Amit’s studio New Deal Design has invented an Artificial intelligence-equipped toy to fight the “distraction economy” by nurturing children’s attention spans. Called Spot, the toy is geared at learning and discovery. It functions primarily as a handheld scanner that kids can point at an object around them — think a flower or a bird — to hear it talk back. […]

Saki Maruyama’s Knotty children’s toy set encourages playfulness

Graduates Saki Maruyama and Daniel Coppen have designed a set of children’s toys that encourage “free and open-ended play”. Called Knotty, the collection features three inputs, a push button, shake sensor and sound sensor, which can be connected by a “special rope” to one of three outputs – a motor, LED light, and a buzzer. The project aims to […]

Savvas Laz transforms Styrofoam packaging into Trashformers chair

Greek designer Savvas Laz used pieces of Styrofoam packaging discarded in skips to create this sculptural chair that aims to raise awareness of packaging waste. The Athens-based designer developed the Trashformers project in response to the amount of waste packaging that is generated in his home city. “There are no proper recycling facilities here in Greece,” Laz told Dezeen, “so I thought about […]

Grafeoiphobia is a furniture collection for desk-shy, bed-happy workers

Geoffrey Pascal has created a collection of office furniture that responds to the growing number of people working at home in their beds. The three pieces in Pascal’s Grafeiphobia: Unexpected Office collection are each based on the frame of a basic, slatted wooden bed. Different adaptations and foam upholstery allow the user to work in positions that emulate […]

Roar’s Nursery of the Future is a high-tech learning space for children in Dubai

UAE-based studio Roar has completed a nursery school in Dubai that features integrated technologies to encourage active play and introduce children to computer coding. The interior design firm headed by Pallavi Dean developed the Nursery of the Future, as part of a project backed by the UAE government that aims to transform the country into the “world’s leading nation” by the […]

Masahiko Ito redesigns school chair to improve posture and reduce fidgeting

Kingston School of Art graduate Masahiko Ito has created a saddle-shaped chair for school children, which is designed to maximise concentration and improve posture. Called Saddle Seat, the chair features a narrow, curved body that resembles the shape of a horse saddle. “Saddle Seat is a new archetype school chair that provides good posture and encouraging movement in […]

Spaces should be better designed for people with disabilities, says Ross Atkin

Streets need to be designed to consider people with disabilities, says Emerging Design Medal winner Ross Atkin. Dezeen spoke to him about four of his best tech-led works for people whose environments are “letting them down”. London-based engineer Atkin was awarded the Emerging Design Medal last week at this year’s British Land Celebration of Design Awards for his tech-focused work […]